SMRS - Soft Material Research Society

Brief Introduction

The Soft Materials Research Society (SMRS) is an interdisciplinary society dedicated to the field of soft materials to draw a roadmap for futuristic studies in this important discipline that amalgamates different facets of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. The Society is committed to stimulate and integrate research in the field of soft materials for rapid industrial progress in the country.

It was formed during ICSM 2014 with a view to providing a forum for stimulating research and disseminating information on soft materials and promote soft materials not only to researchers in India, but also to publicise the niche capabilities of local researchers throughout Asia and further a field. SMRS’s major activity is the organization of a biannual event - the International Conference on Soft Materials or ICSM that is held in October with more than 150 delegates from all over the world.

As the Society matures it plans to expand its activities through:  organization of smaller, specialist conferences, and provision of scholarships to master students.